Jun 23, 2009


Heyy Everyone and Anyone who's reading this...

The point of me making this blog is not to talk about my life. Well, maybe just a bit. But its also to blog about random things that I randomly find on the internet that amuse/entertain me and to share it with the world/you guys. You might enjoy the things that I will be blogging about possibly because:
a) you are bored and have not been doing anything interesting, thus, you read my blog;
b) you are easily amused/entertained just like me (yeyy!) or;
c) the whatever I am sharing with you is actually entertaining you and enjoyable.

So if you DO get any positive effects (whatever that may be that makes you have a happy feeling inside), congratulations to me for making at least one person in this world happy and congratulations to YOU for...uhm, having a happy feeling? Hehe.

OR, you might NOT enjoy the things I share with you because:
a) you do not have the same sense of humor as I do;
b) you have seen/heard of better things than what I am/have shared with you or;
c) you are a sad, sad child that thinks there is no meaning in life and that reading my blog is a futile action/change in your fate/destiny, which ever you prefer.

And, if you did NOT get any positive effects for one or more of the reasons stated above, well...TOO BAD. At least I tried.  However, if your reason was c), then I suggest you go find someone to help you (in whatever way that may be) to make you happy (in whatever way you want).

Okay, well, that's all...FOR NOW. There shall be more to come, my friend. For now, though, here is the first Random-Thing-That-I-Randomly-Found-On-The-Internet that I would like to share with you:

I found this on College Humor (www.collegehumor.com), a website which I worship because of its original Original Videos. So I suggest you guys go check their site out because it has some, no, ALOT of awesomeness on it. Anyway, here's the Random-Thing-That-I...yeah, you get my point. Enjoy.