Jun 25, 2010

Day 9 on Chatroulette. And Rape Condoms.

Hey heyy!
I didn't go on Chatroulette today because I wanted to take a break from all the horny neked bastards on there, haha. However, I did find this short movie on Chatroulette, which I found verrrry interesting. Its of a guy who decided to gather some data on the website by doing a little experiment:

I also wanted to talk a little bit about a clever invention called the Rape-Axe Condoms. They're basically special condoms with small teeth on the inside which women can use to protect themselves if they ever get raped. The condom is simply slipped inside the woman's vagina (and she is not harmed by the teeth) and if a man penetrates her, the teeth would lock onto his penis. Yep, clever isn't it? And he would totally deserve it, of course. Oh, and get this: the only method of removal is by a doctor! xD This is very convenient because then the rapist will be caught! =D