Jun 19, 2010


Went to Hooters with my friends (the ones in the pic) yesterday! Hahaha, it was quite...an experience. Hooters opened this month so entering the bar/restaurant, everything looks really new and clean. The (really hott) waitresses were very friendly; they all greeted us as soon as we stepped in. I was like, "Heyy" *winks* hahaha. No wonder my friend's boyfriend calls us bicurious.

Okay, here's the part that got me really excited. Yes, I know, its only a receipt. And yes, I get excited about random things. But come ooonn. Look at iittt. Our waitress put a Winnie the Pooh sticker and drew a pink heart! OH, I just noticed this: her name is Sabina. That's almost like MY name!! :D ahahaha. Oh and I found her facebook too. TEEHEE.

After Hooters, we went to Old Town to watch the USA vs. Slovenia soccer match. American tourists EVERYWHERE. Though I think some of them weren't American because they had huge flags with them, unless they happen to be very patriotic and constantly have their flags whenever they travel, huhu.

The crowd behind us:

The view in front of us:

Overall, I thought it was a good game except for when the US scored a goal when he was slightly offside. Buuuut, I dunno...maybe it shoulda been a goal because there was already a lot of grabbing and pushing before he scored. =/