Jan 31, 2010

It's gonna be a sensation.


I can't wait for graduationnn :D

Yeah, yeah, I know its in the end of May and thats like 4 months away.

But, coincidentally, on the exact day of our graduation, is Sensation White!


Am so.


Why, you ask? Well...

(this is all from Wikipedia btw. Where else? Haha.)

"Sensation (White) is mostly a trance and house event. All the attendees are required to wear white and the Amsterdam ArenA itself is decorated to match. Sensation White's slogan is "Be Part Of The Night - Dress in White"."

And the best part is:

I am really really hoping I get to at least see David Guetta, Tiesto Deadmau5 and Paul van Dyk!


To read about the rest of the article on Wikipedia, click here.

Or you can go to the official website here.



Jan 28, 2010

Indie is for me.

I was told by some friends about this website that promotes Indie music. They were encouraging me and constantly reminding me to get on this website because there is really good music on it. Being a procrastinator, I kept postponing it and have only recently been on that website.

BIG mistake.



The website is called The Sixty One - click to check it out! - and any Indie artist can register to promote their music. The listeners can also register and become a member so they can help these artists promote their music. It's pretty awesome and I should have gone on this site earlier!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Just wanted to let you guys know about this website because if YOU are an Indie artist or if you have a band and want to promote it, then I recommend this website :)

OH! The Sixty One does not only promote Indie music, but also other kinds of music too. So, if you're a DJ and you have your own music, or if you have a rock band or anything, go to the Sixty One and register and promote! I think its a great idea for bands/artists in Malaysia because I know we have some really good talent there, its just we're not very exposed :( So go and register! The link is on the side bar or you can click the link I have here in this blog post.

Have fun :D


Jan 19, 2010


Blahhhh. Guess what.
I'm back. And this time, I promise to update regularly, post up random shit, and all that jazz. Besides, my new year's resolution for this year is to keep this blog updated. Though I'm not doing a very good job of it, am I? Ah, the irony.

However, I haven't been completely ignorant for the past few months. I've accumulated several vids I came across that have succeeded in keeping me entertained. It may not be alot, considering I haven't blogged for a couple months, but, hey, at least its not nothing right? With that in mind, you may be wondering what I've been doing with all that time if I haven't been out and about looking for entertainment. Well, as you may know, I am an IB student. Yeah, I know, crazy right? For those of you who still don't know what the IB, go look it up. I know in one of my posts I promised to make a video about the IB dedicating it to all my fellow IB candidates, but that plan obviously failed. Actually, I should say, I am the fail.

Fortunately, since my resolution is to post frequently, I will try my velly velly best to do so. I'll eventually make that IB vid. Some day. Hehe. I know some of you may have doubts, but we'll see... We'll see...

Okay, now for the entertainment bit...