Jun 27, 2010

Day 11 + Green Day


This kid is like SO cool right now:

I absolutely love this kid because he makes a spot on impression of Billie Joe while singing 'Waiting' as if he were performing at a real concert. Plus he's so adorable! :D

Oh and update for Day 11: I recorded my sister and I on Chatroulette and I'm still in the process of editing it so it'll take a while for me to post it up :P

Day 10 on Chatroulette

I went on Shufflepeople first on Day 10 of the quest and one of the first people I met was this 16 year old pyromaniac. I noticed that he had a really pretty smile and when I told him...gosh, I felt like such a pedo! He then showed me how he can withstand the burning sensation by putting the flame to his tongue and under his palm while I just sat there and flinched, haha. He eventually burnt himself and all I was thinking was, "Awww :(" and felt like I should kiss his hand better or something. GAH. What was WRONG with me?! =/
After a while of nexting black screens and neked people, I came across this guy. I didn't know what he was doing, hence the weird/confused expression on my face, because he was just sitting there pretending he was a viscous, rabid squirrel or something. So I nexted him.

I started getting bored of Shufflepeople because there weren't as many crazies on there than there are on Chatroulette so I decided to switch to that instead and the FIRST person that I see is this guy:

If only it were real and not from his computer effects.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I changed back to Shufflepeople because CR had too many dicks that day that even I couldn't stand it. Lol, jkjk :P
Anywayyy, yeah, neither of us said anything (well, he obviously didn't because he wasn't at the computer) but he just stood there moving his hips around in a Tarzan loin cloth. YES. A TARZAN COSTUMEE. I didn't hear any music but he clearly had a beat and was tapping his hands and feet. However, after about 15 seconds he slowly put his hands under the piece of cloth and that was my cue to hit NEXT.

Funny Drunk Dancing

Archana and I watched Solomon Kane and then went around Palladium in search of materials we could use in Chatroulette, haha. We went to a stationary shop where they happened to sell a pair of these:

Purty cool, huh?!?! (Nottt. -_-)

On the way to Old Town square, we noticed a stand with three guys and a big flat screen TV placed beside them. WHAT a coincidence for them to be showing the exact documentary I watched to make my French presentation on animal cruelty, which was the reason why I turned pescatarian! =D They gave me this flyer with all the sad pictures of tortured and abused animals =(

Okay, now for something a little more light. Once we got to the square, we noticed this guy, who may or may not be drunk but was dancing to the club music so smoothly that he was probably just an oddball enjoying himself in the sun xD. Check out his awesome moves: