Aug 5, 2009

The truth about Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Hey, wanna know the truth about what actually happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna? Well, today, out of boredom, I decided to visit Ryan Higa's YouTube page to see if he had any new vids and, of course, he did. But I missed watching his old videos and one of my favorite ones by Ryan is his very accurate reenactment of when, why and how Chris Brown beat Rihanna. Enjoy:

And that's exactly how it happened.

For more vids from Ryan Higa, click here.
Other must-watch vids by Ryan: "Word of the Day - Pwned" - You can learn a thing or two from Dr. Hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic.

Btw, when I say 'must watch', it really means you can't miss it! Have fun ;)