Jun 22, 2010

Harry Potter Crazee!

Wow, I have forgotten how much I love Harry Potter! I was browsing through Youtube and came across this funny little parody of HP made by Pistol Shrimps (click for the link to their channel on Youtube), who are a couple of Norwegian goofballs who make awesome videos :D

Aaaaaand Archana recommended this fanmade musical by the students of University of Michigan (but they've graduated now) that came out last year and was a great success! They're performing the sequel this summer and is coming out on Youtube soon! OMGIMSOEXCITEDDD!!

Here is Act 1 Part 1:

Go to their channel Star Kid Potter to watch the rest of the musical! I highly recommend it because:

1) It follows the general plot of the Harry Potter books but with little twists to make it funnier
2) Voldemort, who is nicknamed Voldy in the show is SEXAYY. Click for his fanpage.
3) Draco Malfoy is played by a girl, which makes it even better!

Click for the Facebook page of the musical!

Day 6 on Chatroulette

Note: the expression on my face.

Hmm, yeah sittin' on the toilet with a charred hand. *weird face*:

I guessed that this guy was from Russia. I was right. Dunno what that means though, lol.

OMIGAD stop scrutinizing me!

Us asians found eachother xD:

I guess it was meant to be:

Day 5 on Chatroulette

Today didn't go so well.
I went out (yes, I do have a life, why are you surprised?) and didn't get home till like 10 or something so I didn't get to spend much time on Chatroulette.
However, I did bring my laptop with me to Starbucks and Eva and I CR'd there.
This first one is of a guy who just made random faces at us while we sat there laughing awkwardly. He asked us to flash him but we told me we were at Starbucks (though we wouldn't have flashed him anyway, lol). So he showed his titties instead:

Afterthat, Eva and I also came across the one we call the BEAVER.
Beaver = big penis + dark tangled hair.
I got home and went on again but it was not as interesting and only got this weed-smoking guy:

The convo:

And the next morning, I decided to catch maybe an hour or two of CR before going to the dentist. I regretted my decision:


Day 4 on Chatroulette

The Cool People:

NOT Cool:

The one on the left is really not cool because they're just kids and they're on chatroulette. and smoking. and dissing people. -_-
The pic on the right is of a person's butt. WHY WOULD YOU POINT THE CAM AT YOUR STINKY ASS?!?! Jeez.