Jun 6, 2010

Summer already ah?

Hohh, wow.
First real blog in a reaaally long time. I kinda missed it. :)
Anyhoo. Its almost 1am right now. But I made the mistake of drinking coffee like 2 hours ago.
It was only too see if caffeine really has an effect on keeping people up. I don't actually drink coffee. Gah. I feel sick now. Ohwells.

I've graduated!!! That means I'm DONEE. DONNEEEE. ZOOMG.
I seriously can't believe my high school career has finally come to an end.
It feels so...liberating. Yet...
I'm already missing it. :(
Saying goodbye to the teachers for the last time made me realize that they really do care about us.
All that scolding and stuffing our mouths with shitloads of homework was their way of expressing their love for us because they want us to succeed. Awwwwww. ;(
I guess that explains my weeping right after i stepped off that stage, haha.
And the fact that every time a teacher congratulated me, I bawled.
Good thing we have Facebook, eh? :P
I'll post some pictures up tomorrow, since inserting the disc on which the pics are on will make a lot of noise and I prefer not to wake le parents up. -_-'

'Nuff said.
Yes, I went.
And, yes.
Actually, its more like: TWAS INSANEEEEE.
The timing of this event was reaaalllyyy good because it was coincidentally on the night of graduation.
So graduation by day, then PARTAY BY NIGHTT. Can't believe my parents let me go too. I think it might have been because I told them it was a concert/event of some sort with various artists. Hehe. It wasn't a lie though. Sneakeh sneakeh :P
So le Sensation ended up being the Graduation party and after that, as a tradition, we all met up at the Charle's Bridge to watch the sunrise together. I got back to my friend's house at exactly 5:55 am and slept at 6:00am.

What have I been doing since then? Well, what else?
Watching/re-watching/catching up on TV shows:
  • Futurama
  • The Simpsons
  • Ghost Whisperer
  • Medium
  • Lie To Me
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • True Blood
I've updated my bucket list and summer list.
I've planned a BBQ for this Friday with my friend.
Working on my photography and creating a photojournal.
Most importantly...
Omigadddd I'm so ecksited :DDDD
Pictures up soon, I promise! :)