Sep 24, 2009


SH*****************T! (Don't worry, I didn't swear. I said Shlsdkfahfadshfkdsjdht. Ngee.)

I have French class next and I forgot my homework! Well, I usually don't do my homework on time anyways but this time, when I actually do it, I FORGOT IT AT HOMEE. Bahh. There's just too many things on my mind.

So I'll do it now.

After I make this blog.
Hee :-3

So in Bio right now, we are supposed to graph our data but because we keep failing and our teacher is not in the room at the moment, my friend, Daniela, and I decided to mess around with these freaky-looking insects that can apparently only be found in Peru. There are four of these bugs (two female and two male) are in a small tank in the corner of the room, and I think I know why. Take a look at these pics:


Huhu. Well... That's life! :D