Aug 21, 2009

"Who the Fu*k Made This?!"

Wowww, this video definitely made my day. Just got home from school about an hour or so and since its Friday (YEYY!), I decided to chill for a bit after a hard day's work (NOT, haha.). I payed a visit to one of my favorite websites, College Humor, and found this video commentary of a sad, lonely guy playing Mario. I'm assuming he's a sad, lonely person because, well... Just watch the vid to find out! I never knew Mario could get this hard. Seriously, who made it?? Anyway, I would LOVE to play -- No, no. I would love just to WATCH him play Mario. It would be enough to make me go rofl. Literally.

Oh, I just realized that this is only the first part of the game. Now I'm going to hunt down for the second part and hopefully it is as good - or better! - than the first one! :D