Sep 17, 2009


I almost forgot that Tiesto will be in Prague...TOMORROWW!!! Bahhhh! And I can't believe I don't have tickets! Tonight, I'm going to ask my parents (I'll beg if I have to) if I can go to the concert. Why didn't I ask them earlier?!?! Gahh. I really, really, REALLY hope they will let me go... When Tiesto came to KL at the same time I was there, I DIDN'T GO! But that's excusable because I was younger then. Now, I'm almost 18 (six more months to go! Yes, I consider that 'almost', hehe.) so I should be able to go! And its not like my friends who are going are drug addicts, ya know? I'm telling you this because my parents don't quite like Techno music (Daniela, you're not the only one!) and for some reason they always relate Techno with drugs. LoL. I really really wanna go though and the tickets are not that expense either; they're between CZK 1000 - 2000 and it starts at 8pm, btw.


Anyway, I'm writing this in math class now because I just had to say tell you guys and this will help me remember to ask them tonight :D

Wish me luck!

Oh! Anyone else wanna join or are going? Tell me in a comment! :D or email me
Or if you have any questions (about the concert or anything else), please feel free to ask me :)