Jun 27, 2010

Day 11 + Green Day


This kid is like SO cool right now:

I absolutely love this kid because he makes a spot on impression of Billie Joe while singing 'Waiting' as if he were performing at a real concert. Plus he's so adorable! :D

Oh and update for Day 11: I recorded my sister and I on Chatroulette and I'm still in the process of editing it so it'll take a while for me to post it up :P

Day 10 on Chatroulette

I went on Shufflepeople first on Day 10 of the quest and one of the first people I met was this 16 year old pyromaniac. I noticed that he had a really pretty smile and when I told him...gosh, I felt like such a pedo! He then showed me how he can withstand the burning sensation by putting the flame to his tongue and under his palm while I just sat there and flinched, haha. He eventually burnt himself and all I was thinking was, "Awww :(" and felt like I should kiss his hand better or something. GAH. What was WRONG with me?! =/
After a while of nexting black screens and neked people, I came across this guy. I didn't know what he was doing, hence the weird/confused expression on my face, because he was just sitting there pretending he was a viscous, rabid squirrel or something. So I nexted him.

I started getting bored of Shufflepeople because there weren't as many crazies on there than there are on Chatroulette so I decided to switch to that instead and the FIRST person that I see is this guy:

If only it were real and not from his computer effects.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I changed back to Shufflepeople because CR had too many dicks that day that even I couldn't stand it. Lol, jkjk :P
Anywayyy, yeah, neither of us said anything (well, he obviously didn't because he wasn't at the computer) but he just stood there moving his hips around in a Tarzan loin cloth. YES. A TARZAN COSTUMEE. I didn't hear any music but he clearly had a beat and was tapping his hands and feet. However, after about 15 seconds he slowly put his hands under the piece of cloth and that was my cue to hit NEXT.

Funny Drunk Dancing

Archana and I watched Solomon Kane and then went around Palladium in search of materials we could use in Chatroulette, haha. We went to a stationary shop where they happened to sell a pair of these:

Purty cool, huh?!?! (Nottt. -_-)

On the way to Old Town square, we noticed a stand with three guys and a big flat screen TV placed beside them. WHAT a coincidence for them to be showing the exact documentary I watched to make my French presentation on animal cruelty, which was the reason why I turned pescatarian! =D They gave me this flyer with all the sad pictures of tortured and abused animals =(

Okay, now for something a little more light. Once we got to the square, we noticed this guy, who may or may not be drunk but was dancing to the club music so smoothly that he was probably just an oddball enjoying himself in the sun xD. Check out his awesome moves:

Jun 25, 2010

Day 9 on Chatroulette. And Rape Condoms.

Hey heyy!
I didn't go on Chatroulette today because I wanted to take a break from all the horny neked bastards on there, haha. However, I did find this short movie on Chatroulette, which I found verrrry interesting. Its of a guy who decided to gather some data on the website by doing a little experiment:

I also wanted to talk a little bit about a clever invention called the Rape-Axe Condoms. They're basically special condoms with small teeth on the inside which women can use to protect themselves if they ever get raped. The condom is simply slipped inside the woman's vagina (and she is not harmed by the teeth) and if a man penetrates her, the teeth would lock onto his penis. Yep, clever isn't it? And he would totally deserve it, of course. Oh, and get this: the only method of removal is by a doctor! xD This is very convenient because then the rapist will be caught! =D

Jun 24, 2010

Day 8 on Chatroulette

Les glasses again:

My glasses are still cooler than yours! Ngehehehehek.

Thanks for the thumbs up! xD

...yyeahh. I don't even know what he's supposed to be or what he was doing.

Jun 23, 2010

Day 7 on Chatroulette

Went to watch Toy Story 3 today with Archana (OMGOMGOMG ITWASSOGOODITOTALLYCRIEDINTHEENDITWASSOSAD) and because we can really relate to Andy and how he has to take a turning point in his life and leave his childhood behind including all his toy friends, the timing of the movie coming out was perfect for us, since we just graduated last month. After the movie, we walked around looking for costumes/masks/wigs and such to prepare for our Chatroulette night. We went to the toy store (ironic isn't it?) and I got me a pair of these awesome pawesomes:

And when you turn it at another angle, it winks!

So I decided to test 'em right after I got home. And, man, I really love making people smile, hahaha.

Went on CR again that night:

Thank you to these people for giving me a thumbs up!:

Finally, a special thanks to this guy for being the nicest and showing me his homemade 3D glasses and wearing 'em :) Shout outs to Estonia!


Jun 22, 2010

Harry Potter Crazee!

Wow, I have forgotten how much I love Harry Potter! I was browsing through Youtube and came across this funny little parody of HP made by Pistol Shrimps (click for the link to their channel on Youtube), who are a couple of Norwegian goofballs who make awesome videos :D

Aaaaaand Archana recommended this fanmade musical by the students of University of Michigan (but they've graduated now) that came out last year and was a great success! They're performing the sequel this summer and is coming out on Youtube soon! OMGIMSOEXCITEDDD!!

Here is Act 1 Part 1:

Go to their channel Star Kid Potter to watch the rest of the musical! I highly recommend it because:

1) It follows the general plot of the Harry Potter books but with little twists to make it funnier
2) Voldemort, who is nicknamed Voldy in the show is SEXAYY. Click for his fanpage.
3) Draco Malfoy is played by a girl, which makes it even better!

Click for the Facebook page of the musical!

Day 6 on Chatroulette

Note: the expression on my face.

Hmm, yeah sittin' on the toilet with a charred hand. *weird face*:

I guessed that this guy was from Russia. I was right. Dunno what that means though, lol.

OMIGAD stop scrutinizing me!

Us asians found eachother xD:

I guess it was meant to be:

Day 5 on Chatroulette

Today didn't go so well.
I went out (yes, I do have a life, why are you surprised?) and didn't get home till like 10 or something so I didn't get to spend much time on Chatroulette.
However, I did bring my laptop with me to Starbucks and Eva and I CR'd there.
This first one is of a guy who just made random faces at us while we sat there laughing awkwardly. He asked us to flash him but we told me we were at Starbucks (though we wouldn't have flashed him anyway, lol). So he showed his titties instead:

Afterthat, Eva and I also came across the one we call the BEAVER.
Beaver = big penis + dark tangled hair.
I got home and went on again but it was not as interesting and only got this weed-smoking guy:

The convo:

And the next morning, I decided to catch maybe an hour or two of CR before going to the dentist. I regretted my decision:


Day 4 on Chatroulette

The Cool People:

NOT Cool:

The one on the left is really not cool because they're just kids and they're on chatroulette. and smoking. and dissing people. -_-
The pic on the right is of a person's butt. WHY WOULD YOU POINT THE CAM AT YOUR STINKY ASS?!?! Jeez.

Jun 20, 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone (CHATROULETTE VERSION)

Steve Kardynal is FUNNAYYY. I wish I were brave enough to do something like this. Hmmmm....

Jun 19, 2010


Went to Hooters with my friends (the ones in the pic) yesterday! Hahaha, it was quite...an experience. Hooters opened this month so entering the bar/restaurant, everything looks really new and clean. The (really hott) waitresses were very friendly; they all greeted us as soon as we stepped in. I was like, "Heyy" *winks* hahaha. No wonder my friend's boyfriend calls us bicurious.

Okay, here's the part that got me really excited. Yes, I know, its only a receipt. And yes, I get excited about random things. But come ooonn. Look at iittt. Our waitress put a Winnie the Pooh sticker and drew a pink heart! OH, I just noticed this: her name is Sabina. That's almost like MY name!! :D ahahaha. Oh and I found her facebook too. TEEHEE.

After Hooters, we went to Old Town to watch the USA vs. Slovenia soccer match. American tourists EVERYWHERE. Though I think some of them weren't American because they had huge flags with them, unless they happen to be very patriotic and constantly have their flags whenever they travel, huhu.

The crowd behind us:

The view in front of us:

Overall, I thought it was a good game except for when the US scored a goal when he was slightly offside. Buuuut, I dunno...maybe it shoulda been a goal because there was already a lot of grabbing and pushing before he scored. =/

Jun 18, 2010

Day 3 on Chatroulette

The 'Magician'

Now, this guy was pretty interesting. He did some 'magic tricks' (probably) using the Mirror effect on Photobooth, haha. For example, made his hands appear from the middle and he also made his whole body disappear at one point. Quite entertaining, hehe.

The Jackass

I call this guy the Jackass not only because he is wearing a donkey mask, but also because he NEXTED me just because I couldn't hear what he was talking about! HE nexted ME! ME! Pshh. What a jackass.

The people who annoy me

For some reason, there were more of these people last night than the past two days I've been on Chatroulette. They just annoy me because
1) The guy with his webcam facing the wall and his shoulder simply bores me and
2) People wearing bathrobes should just put on some clothes. What're they expecting others to say anyway?? 'Oh, hey, you're wearing a bathrobe. I wonder what's underneath it.' RIGHT. Oh, and this bathrobe guy claims to be 28 years old. 28?!?! YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE FREAKING 40 OR SOMETHING. Gadd. So before I nexted him, I said:

Jun 17, 2010

The Best Chatroulette Pranks

To make up for not being on Chatroulette as long as the past two days, I looked up some of my favorite pranks to entertain you. Enjoy!

Jun 16, 2010

Day 2 on Chatroulette

WOW. Today was even MORE interesting than yesterday's session. This time, I went on for 6 hours and so far, the three most common nationalities I have talked to are French, Greek and American (in this order). Yeah, I know, why are there so many French people on Chatroulette?? I thought they had better things to do. Like visit the Eiffel Tower or something.

Anywayyy, here are the most 'interesting' people I met on Day 2 of Chatroulette:

The Rapper:

It seemed like he worked really hard on his rap song, and even though I'm not a big fan of rap I listened till he was finished. Because he did a great job, I rewarded him by showing my boobs. :D

The people who were nice enough to pose for me:

The people who think they can sing; the mask wearer; the hottie:

The Creepies aka the American redneck; the dude with the creepy crooked smile; the guy who f*cks teddy bears:

The OMG-isn't-that-oh-wait-nevermind people:

Yes, that IS Justin Bieber, but I found out on Youtube that the recording was taken from an old Ustream vid. And the guy on the right is supposed to be 'Almost Brad Pitt', which I only realized when editing this blog.

The okay people

The people who should NOT go on Chatroulette EVAR aka the people who are working; kids; the hairies

Seriously, wtf are LITTLE KIDS WITH TEDDY BEARS doing on Chatroulette?!?! Oh, and, ugh, the hairy dude on the right just kept rubbin' his tummy and rolling the hairs between his fingers. Sloowwllyy. BLEGHH.

Now off to sleep! Gnite :)

Jun 15, 2010

Day 1 on Chatroulette

Today, I was on Chatroulette for a total of perhaps 5 hours.
And OMG. There is just wayyyy too many dicks and boobies (belonging to women AND men) that I did NOT want to see. For those people, I just told them they had small penises and that I have seen better tits, respectively. HAHA. Twas fun. For the most part, it wasn't all that great on Chatroulette because its difficult to find someone who actually wants to talk normally and not ask me to 'Show my boobies'. Then FINALLY, in the last 1 and a half hours of being on CR, I bumped into these three gentlemen:

I told them to pose so I can take a snapshot, but the guy on the right with the flaming red hair kind of failed to fit into the screen.

And here's the last snapshot:

It was pretty awesome. :D
Can't wait for Day 2 of Chatroulette!


The Chatroulette Quest

This summer, I have decided to see how long it will take me to meet these people on Chatroulette:

because I have no life. Haha.

Anyway, since I have never been on Chatroulette, I will expect it to contain very naked and very ugly and/or very hairy people, most of whom are men. But because I really want to meet the awesome people of Chatroulette, I will have to endure the horror that is those people, haha.

Wish me luck!


Jun 14, 2010



I was downloading it by a torrent but it was taking too long so I watched it online instead, hahaha. Can't wait for the next episode! Eeeeep!!


Jun 12, 2010

Grad Recessional Song

'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey performed by ISP Class of 2010

Jun 9, 2010

Les pics I promised


Sensation White

Green Day

And just for fun, here are the books I had to return to the school when I graduated. Sigh. I think I might miss them :(

Wow. This year has been...really memorable. Definitely a BIG turning point in my life. Thank you Class of 2010! :D

Here's my desk at 1:33 a.m while I worked on this blog. :P