Feb 25, 2010

Vamps and Youtube.

Funneh Shiznitttt.

Intercourse With A Vampire, Episode 1

This is totally sweet :D

Feb 24, 2010

I loves stop-motion :D

Meet MysteryGuitarMan :)

Feb 18, 2010

Quite interesting way of protesting.


Feb 15, 2010

Facebook typos?

Who woulda thought something like Facebook has typos??

Did you spot the mistake?



Feb 14, 2010

My REAL fantasy...

...is Robert Pattinson as a Na'vi.

And I tried fulfilling that fantasy with Photoshop. But I'm afraid that my skills are still not advanced enough to make him look good.

Here is the result from 7 hours of Photoshop:

I completed this like on Tuesday or Wednesday when I was supposed to be doing my mountain of work.

Ah, procrastination...

Then on Friday, I started my OWN avatar. It took me around 5 hours in total; I did not sit 5 hours straight though.

Here's what I got:

And here is the original (thank you, Bob, for taking this picture of me in raw format, hehe - it makes it much easier to edit that way):

It looks different from the original picture, right?

Well, it was really difficult for me not to change so much. But, I kept making mistakes so that lead me into using the smudge tool. Alot.

Plus, they probably look like paintings now instead of the real thing but I did that on purpose to hide my countless errors during the process of making them. Hehe.

Anyway, at least I tried! :P

I hope you were entertained by my failure.


Feb 7, 2010

My fantasy.

Haha, not really.

I just photoshopped Megan Fox into a Na'vi.

I'm so excited :D

It took me around 12 hours to do it. I'm sort of an amateur with Photoshop so its not that great. You can spot mistakes in it and stuff.


its not that bad, I think. Take a look at the final product:

Just click it to enlarge, and you can probably see the mistakes on there :P

Okay, that's all for now. Since its Sunday, I think I should get started on my TOK essay, Econ IA, edit my World Lits and study for a math test.


Feb 5, 2010

I am very productive.

Haha, soo not true.

I am quite UNproductive during my frees, especially if its a Friday like today.

This is what I have been doing for the past 20 minutes.

It took 20 minutes just for these pictures because I am in the library (notice the books) so I had to be on the look out for people that might pass by my table and see me flashing the peace sign at my laptop. LoL.

I have pretty weird faces in these pictures too, so ENJOY. Hehe.

Okay, I guess this one's not so weird. But it gets weirder.

This is the first time I've used the 'multi-shot' mode on iPhoto so for the second and third pictures (as you can see above) I'm just sort of looking at the screen. The last shot was when I realized it was still taking pictures.

For some reason, I have a tendency to stick my teeth out.

The last pic on this one is weird because it looks like I'm about to sneeze or something. I just didn't have time to fully smile, haha.

Alright, folks, that's all I have been doing for the past 30 minutes or so. I have about 25 minutes left of school and then its the WEEKEND!!