Jan 19, 2010


Blahhhh. Guess what.
I'm back. And this time, I promise to update regularly, post up random shit, and all that jazz. Besides, my new year's resolution for this year is to keep this blog updated. Though I'm not doing a very good job of it, am I? Ah, the irony.

However, I haven't been completely ignorant for the past few months. I've accumulated several vids I came across that have succeeded in keeping me entertained. It may not be alot, considering I haven't blogged for a couple months, but, hey, at least its not nothing right? With that in mind, you may be wondering what I've been doing with all that time if I haven't been out and about looking for entertainment. Well, as you may know, I am an IB student. Yeah, I know, crazy right? For those of you who still don't know what the IB, go look it up. I know in one of my posts I promised to make a video about the IB dedicating it to all my fellow IB candidates, but that plan obviously failed. Actually, I should say, I am the fail.

Fortunately, since my resolution is to post frequently, I will try my velly velly best to do so. I'll eventually make that IB vid. Some day. Hehe. I know some of you may have doubts, but we'll see... We'll see...

Okay, now for the entertainment bit...