Oct 29, 2009

Breast Cancer and Sims!

The two things that made my day:

1) The coolest shirt yet! :D


I encourage you guys to buy one because its for a good cause. Since it is breast cancer awareness month, $5 from each shirt that is bought will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So go to thelightupshirt.com and buy a shirt (there are two other versions of the shirt, all equally cool, hehe) to help a good cause! Also, check out their videos demonstrating the effects of the shirt as it responds to the beat of music :D

2) New Moon trailer -- Sims style!

Soo coool. Hehehe. I am so easily entertained. Sighh.


Oct 28, 2009




Oct 26, 2009

Vlog and baby dancing to Beyoncé!

Its the baby that dances to Beyoncé!
Check it out:

Also check out Joe Nation's Youtube. He has a new vid up there spoofing Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Gone Bad" and its awesome :D

My vlog for today Enjoy!:

(don't you just looove my sleepy frozen image? hehe.)

Yeah, I know, boring right?
>.< <3

Oct 25, 2009


I love that number.
1,000 hits since June!


Oct 24, 2009

Creativity makes me happy.

This GMH.


Oct 23, 2009



Ahahahaha. Fooled ya.

TOK Time (plus, New Moon update, of course, heheheheheheh :P)

I never really watched the VlogBrothers, although I've been subscribed to their videos for a quite a while now. But I saw this today and immediately though, "TOK MOMENT!"

First of all, what is TOK, you might ask. TOK = Theory of Knowledge. This is a mandatory class for all IB Diploma candidates, which usually starts in the second semester of Junior year and ends after the first semester of Senior year. Students explore different areas of knowledge and the ways of knowing, which almost always involves a knowledge issue.

After this video, I decided to browse through National Geographic videos since it reminded me of a program I watched last night called "Is It Real?" on the channel. I watched it on TV, of course. Irrelevant as it is, I just wanted to make sure people didn't think I am a sad, lonely child who spends her whole day in front of a computer screen browsing through YouTube. Because I'm not. -_-

Anyway, on that program, they talked about this "terrifying creature" called El Chupacabra. Apparently, this "goat sucker", as translated from its name, goes around and sucks the blood - and life - out of farm animals at night. Hence the name, "goat sucker". I was just laughing watching it yesterday with my sisters because those village people make the funniest conclusions of what they see.

Clearly, this is a TOK moment because of the obvious issue in the interpretation of what we experience through our senses. We are also greatly influenced by our cultures since we have been brought up and have been practicing a certain tradition or belief that our minds have been trained to recognize them and unknowingly interpret - or misinterpret - all our experiences.

Oh, how I love the National Geographic Channel.

Here's one on ghosts...

Here's what I really wanted to point out to everyone: notice that only after you were told what to hear that you actually heard it the second time around?

That, my friends, is called the "power of suggestion". You would be surprised how fast our minds make conclusions of everything we see - or don't see - or hear. However, I don't blame ourselves for believing in things without trying to prove they don't exist. It is in our nature and instincts, plus, without it, I am pretty sure our lives would be evolving quite slowly. In addition to that, I think even after proving the statements/claims wrong, people still stick to their stories and continue believing anyway is because they like believing in them. Not because of the evidence they have, or lack of evidence, but simply because they are interested.


Okay, now time for New Moon update!

Jeez, I'm getting obsessed. Oh well, what to do... Sighh...

This clip was taken in Rome, where they showed a sneak peek of behind the scenes of New Moon, which is really awesome by the way. Anyway, I found this clip this morning and I'm just hoping you guys will get to watch it before the peeps from YouTube remove it due to violations of some sort. So take a look!

Grr. Its almost 11p.m (it might say I posted this at 9 something p.m. today, but thats because I did and then I had to add stuff in and reposted this at 11 something) and I realized I should have posted a little sooner. Obviously because the video DID get removed. Pshh. Law. -_-

Oct 21, 2009

Ahahaha *crack*

College Humor never fails to crack my jaw from laughing. Check this out:

Oh! And here's New Moon's TV Spot. Gotta love it! :D



Okay, now I REALLY hate dentists.
Just now, I was carefully brushing my teeth when I realized that I could open my mouth slightly wider than yesterday. This enabled me to see the strings/thread used to stitch up my gums. So I decided to check them out and pulled my cheeks out a bit. I was able to see the thread/string/whatever you call them, but then I noticed a piece of string next to my teeth. Hmmm, I wondered, Maybe the string got cut off or something. Since I didn't need pieces of string hanging around inside my mouth, I tried to pull it out. But it wouldn't budge. That's when I realized that those evil dentists (its plural because there were at least 4 that were there to pull my teeth out) had threaded the string/thread INTO MY GUM/CHEEK.
No wonder my cheeks are so swollen.
What's worse is that immediately after that, I realized that my left cheek is puffier than my right.
Just great. Now, not only do I look like a squirrel with nuts in my mouth, but I look like a squirrel who got punched on one side of the face with nuts in my mouth.



Oct 19, 2009


people, let me just tell you this:
keep your teeth straight from childhood.
or else, you'll need braces.
that means, getting your molars/wisdom teeth removed.
which SUCKS.
believe me.
i can barely open my mouth.
i have to eat only "soft" food.
i have to swallow blood every minute.
i look like a squirrel with nuts in my mouth.

thank goodness for pain killers, though.

this cheered me up at least:


I have to get FOUR teeth pulled out this afternoon.
That means I'm going to be knocked out for three hours while 3 grown men wrench out my teeth.
This means I can't eat until then.
Or else, baaaad things will happen...

a.k.a: I will through up.


I hate dentists.


Awesomeness all the way!


Today, I just feel like putting up really, well, awesome stuff that keep me entertained and sane because, as you know, I have had sooo much work in the past couple of weeks and my pile of things-to-do is still building up. Just so you know, the things I'm going to post up right now are mostly related to the Twilight Saga (yeah, I know, total FAIL right? Hahaha.), but I'm also posting them up here because they are just plain cool and I thought that I should share it with people :)


To start off, this one is a fan made video of the movie New Moon (coming out in November, yeyyy! :D) and the song, which I absolutely loveee, is called "All the World" by Fauxliage. Credits for the video go to tiffanyd666 (you should head over to her youtube page and check out more of her vids PLUS awesome fanmade vids for New Moon!).

Oh! And also check out the vids in her favorites because they're all pretty good too, such as this one by Vera241241 and the soundtrack is called "Breathe Me" by Sia (in case you want to download it):

Here's a music video by the band Axiz for the Twilight: New Moon! They're pretty good, I think :)

Here is Antonio Vivaldi and one of his violins (maybe the one I saw last night!) :O

This dude is in my awesome list for the week because he has composed many many pieces which I love listening to. Yes, I listen to classical music. They're really relaxing and, if you listen to them enough, inspiring. Try and have a listen to one of his pieces :)

The next one is a comic that seems to always make my day no matter what mood I'm in. I haven't been able to read all their comics lately, since I have mountain of things on my To-do list, but since break started, I can finally read them and laugh to myself in front of the computer screen. Here's one of their brilliant comics:

(click it to enlarge because it doesn't fit here. Trust me, its worth it, huhu.)
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Hehehehe. I'll never get bored of them. Moving on...

This breed of cat called the Egyptian Mau. Apparently, its the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cats. Unlike other cats, if an Egyptian Mau cat is shaved, you will see spots on their skin. So not only do their spots appear on their fur, their skin is naturally spotted as well. That's why they're cool :D

I, actually, did not randomly decide to talk about this type of cats. My mama and I were at the clinic the other day, as I had to get a blood test and examination (which I'll explain in the next blog), on the bulletin board, there was a piece of paper about a breeding station for Egyptian Mau cats. Since there were little pieces of paper with the contact information on them, I'm guessing - and hoping - that they are giving away or selling these cats. So I am going to email them and ask them about these cats because I really want one! Plus, I think that my cat Lucky is quite lonely now that her adopted sister passed away last year and this year her adopted brother went missing earlier this year :(.

Well, that's pretty much what I wanted to highlight about this week. Oh! And one last thing, its October break! Although its only a week long, I'm glad I'll be able to catch up on sleep :D

Oct 18, 2009


Haluu! I just got back from a concert by an Italian orchestra who came all the way from Italy to perform for the Czech Prime Minister and all the Ambassadors in Czech Republic. My sisters and I got to go as well but we sat separately from our parents. Ironically, we got the better seats! Hahaha. But seriously though, we sat in one of the boxes in the balcony, only FOUR boxes away from the Czech Prime Minister and his wife! Not only that, but the performance was AMAZING. And I am not being sarcastic like I usually am. I've only been to maybe 3 or 4 classical concerts and it has been a really long time since I last went to one. Actually, that's not true. I'm lieing, haha. I just remembered that I went to a concert several months ago! >.<

Anyway, they played 10 pieces altogether and then played 2 short ones as an encore before getting a standing ovation beginning from the Prime Minister himself! THAT's how awesome they were :)

My favorite pieces were from Vivaldi because he's awesomeee. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that the lead violinist was playing Vivaldi's ACTUAL VIOLIN. Can you believe that?! I think it's like one of the few remaining in this world. The one from the concert was taken out of the museum just for tonight! I know some people might not appreciate this and think, "Uhh, so what? Its just a piece of wood with strings on it." Well, its not JUST a piece of wood, its VIVALDI's piece of wood! It makes me feel special, so SHATTAP!


I have a video/vlog from the before the concert that I'll try to edit and post up as soon as possible.

Well, that's pretty much it. I'll try to blog as much as possible during the break because you probably won't hear from me much after that (IB of course -_-).

Tataaa :D

Oct 17, 2009

How lovely.

I was looking at Taylor Lautner fan sites and came across one called TaylorLautnerDaily.com and they had a section for fan mail. I was curious (curious, not that I was planning on posting my own fan mail. Pshh.) and I took a look at some of the posts. It made me feel soo much better knowing that I am not as obsessed as these people are:

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

And here's the ULTIMATE fan:
Desperate much? Haha.

Finally, I never thought there were GUYS that love Taylor Lautner.
A GUY fan?!
And he's barely out of his teens too!
Well... Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

Wow. Now I can ask, "Obsessed much?"

Oct 10, 2009


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I think I'm becoming obsessed with - *gulp* - TWILIGHT.
Well, not Twilight the movie. I mean, the Twilight Saga! I never ever NEVER thought I would become one of those crazed fangirls that collect every single little picture of Edward Cu--, I mean, Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner.

Fortunately, I'm not one of those people.


However, I am beginning to think I am becoming one because...

1) I have read both New Moon and Eclipse in less than a week (which is considered pretty fast for me, considering the mountain of work I have to do for school this month).

2) I've been stealing moments whenever I can to read them. For example, I sneak them into the bathroom and read while I undress to shower, I read while I dress after I shower.

3) I bring the book to school in my backpack regardless of the extra weight it puts on my back.

4) I have dreamt about the books.

5) My desktop wallpaper is of Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.

6) I ask all my friends whether they have read the book(s) or not. If they answer yes, I go on to praise the book and talk about what I have read so far. If not, I insist they read them.

7) I bookmarked fan sites or any links related to the Twilight saga.

8) I watch and re-watch the trailers, fan made videos, and anything else related to the books, the movies and the actors involved.

Aaand, I can go on. You get my point right? You're probably thinking about how sad I am. Well, I am.



Here's a Shane Dawson video demonstrating how sad people are when they become obsessed with something... or someONE...

Oct 3, 2009


Wow, I only found out yesterday about Malaysia's first flash mob (I think its the first, anyway) and it took place at KLCC on August 14th! Bahhh, too bad I missed it :( It woulda been awesome to see it!

What is a flash mob, you say? Well, Wikipedia says,

"A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse. The term flash mob is generally applied only to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails. The term is generally not applied to events organized by public relations firms or as publicity stunts."

And I just realized that I depend on Wikipedia too much. But its human nature! So it really isn't my fault since humans, by nature, have habits. And, I guess, that's one of my habits that I need to outgrow. Along with procrastination, since I should be doing work instead of blogging. So, enjoy the video! Its a flash mob for Maxis, its pretty cool :)

If you were there for this event, please tell me in a comment or email me! :D