Aug 17, 2009

Most Random Random Quiz.

Today, out of boredom of course, I came across some quizzes while searching for a new layout for my blog. I took a simple quiz or two (okay fine, maybe it was 7 or 8 quizzes), as I am such a good procrastinator, and eventually found one called:

"Which keyboard key are you?".


I just sort of sat there thinking, Wow, your personality can determine which key you are by simply answering 5 questions. Pshhh. Right.

But, being the curious procrastinator that I am, I took the quiz anyway:


Aaaaaaand, here were the results:


Hahaha. Who would've thought that if I were a key, I would be "alt"? The personality description is mostly true though, surprisingly. Especially the part about me being intelligent. Even though "most of it is useless knowledge," huhu. If you want to take the quiz and find out which keyboard key you are, click here. Or you can take many other interesting quizzes at Blogthings.

Boredom can make you do boring things. Sighh...