Oct 23, 2009



Ahahahaha. Fooled ya.

TOK Time (plus, New Moon update, of course, heheheheheheh :P)

I never really watched the VlogBrothers, although I've been subscribed to their videos for a quite a while now. But I saw this today and immediately though, "TOK MOMENT!"

First of all, what is TOK, you might ask. TOK = Theory of Knowledge. This is a mandatory class for all IB Diploma candidates, which usually starts in the second semester of Junior year and ends after the first semester of Senior year. Students explore different areas of knowledge and the ways of knowing, which almost always involves a knowledge issue.

After this video, I decided to browse through National Geographic videos since it reminded me of a program I watched last night called "Is It Real?" on the channel. I watched it on TV, of course. Irrelevant as it is, I just wanted to make sure people didn't think I am a sad, lonely child who spends her whole day in front of a computer screen browsing through YouTube. Because I'm not. -_-

Anyway, on that program, they talked about this "terrifying creature" called El Chupacabra. Apparently, this "goat sucker", as translated from its name, goes around and sucks the blood - and life - out of farm animals at night. Hence the name, "goat sucker". I was just laughing watching it yesterday with my sisters because those village people make the funniest conclusions of what they see.

Clearly, this is a TOK moment because of the obvious issue in the interpretation of what we experience through our senses. We are also greatly influenced by our cultures since we have been brought up and have been practicing a certain tradition or belief that our minds have been trained to recognize them and unknowingly interpret - or misinterpret - all our experiences.

Oh, how I love the National Geographic Channel.

Here's one on ghosts...

Here's what I really wanted to point out to everyone: notice that only after you were told what to hear that you actually heard it the second time around?

That, my friends, is called the "power of suggestion". You would be surprised how fast our minds make conclusions of everything we see - or don't see - or hear. However, I don't blame ourselves for believing in things without trying to prove they don't exist. It is in our nature and instincts, plus, without it, I am pretty sure our lives would be evolving quite slowly. In addition to that, I think even after proving the statements/claims wrong, people still stick to their stories and continue believing anyway is because they like believing in them. Not because of the evidence they have, or lack of evidence, but simply because they are interested.


Okay, now time for New Moon update!

Jeez, I'm getting obsessed. Oh well, what to do... Sighh...

This clip was taken in Rome, where they showed a sneak peek of behind the scenes of New Moon, which is really awesome by the way. Anyway, I found this clip this morning and I'm just hoping you guys will get to watch it before the peeps from YouTube remove it due to violations of some sort. So take a look!

Grr. Its almost 11p.m (it might say I posted this at 9 something p.m. today, but thats because I did and then I had to add stuff in and reposted this at 11 something) and I realized I should have posted a little sooner. Obviously because the video DID get removed. Pshh. Law. -_-