Sep 18, 2009

Jom2, balik kampung!

Oh, wow, its already the end of Ramadhan! That means.......
MONEY TIMEE. No lah, just kidding. The end of Ramadhan = Eid-ul-Fitr (or Aidil Fitri) = Raya!

I always get excited during this time of the year because it means I get to see my cousins, my aunties, my uncles, my everyone! For me, this time of year is the best, since there will be food (Malaysian food is da bestt!), family reunions, national costumes and colors :D
That is one of the reasons why I love Malaysia so much. There are colors everywhere I go. The colors, each one representing an emotion, are all the parts of me and who I am; my identity.

It is usually quite difficult for a person, especially in their teen years, to arrive at the epiphany about their life and who they are. Honestly, I did not really feel proud to be a Malaysian. It was only until I moved back to Malaysia after living in Brussels for two years that I really understood what home meant for me. I, now, finally understand what "Home is where the heart is" means. And now that I am not in Malaysia anymore, I feel even more attached to it than ever.

I will always try to keep close to my friends and family in Malaysia whenever I have the time. I still can't let go of it because, well, its my home. I know I should be used to it by now considering I have been moving around since I was 1 year old. From Tokyo to Vietnam, Vietnam to Malaysia, from Malaysia to Brussels, Brussels to Malaysia, and finally, Malaysia to Prague. That is quite alot of moving and packing and unpacking (its sooo annoying) so I suppose I have gotten sick and tired of it, but I know it is much more than that. I just miss home. :(

One of the worst things about missing home is that I literally miss everything that goes on in the lives of all my relatives and friends who mean a lot to me. I will not be there for my cousin's baby's 1st birthday, his first word, his first step. My grandparents are quite elderly, and I only have three left in my life. What if (God forbid) something happens, and my family isn't there? What's more is that I can't even communicate properly with all my relatives since, after moving around so much, I was not taught the proper Bahasa Malay enough so that I am fluent in it.

Sighh... I have to stop there because I tend to get a bit emotional when I reflect upon these things that are attached to my very soul. Hah! See? I'm being so deep now, I have to stop. Hehe. Anyway, I hope you, who ever you are whether it is my friend, foe, family, acquaintance, etc; have a sense of understanding of what I am truly feeling inside and that you make the best out of your life and not to take things for granted. No matter where you are, who you are, how old you are, everything in life will eventually become a part of you; you're identity. And no matter how big or small it is to you, trust me, you will regret letting it go.

Selamat Hari Raya, Happy Eid Mubarak and Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all!


VMA's! (although its a bit late to blog abt it now :P)

Since I'm a little late to talk about the VMA's, if you watched it already you probably know what happened when they were giving the Moonman for Female Video of the Year. Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me' music video won and as she was giving her thank you speech, Kanye West appears out of no where, takes the mic from her and says that he's happy for her and all that but BEYONCÉ should have won instead!

When I watched this, I was like, "Wtf?! Is he drunk or something??" because everyone, especially Beyoncé, was really surprised about what had just happened (notice her face right when Kanye disses Taylor). Then I saw Taylor's face and it looked like she was about to cry or something because she didn't continue her speech and then the commercials came up.

If you didn't see it yet, watch it here...

And here is Kanye apologizing. It looks as if he's about to cry but I don't know if it is genuine or not. What do you think? Tell me in a comment :) But I think he really shouldn't have done what he did in the first place!

Pink disses Kanye! Hahaha. I really hate that interviewer though. He's so annoying!

Wow, can you believe even PRESIDENT OBAMA disses him?! When the president calls you a jackass, it really means something. LoL.

Here's Traphik's reaction towards what happened with Taylor Swift (I LOVE this one >.<):

Now take a look at this... Hehehe....

I can't go to Tiesto AND swear because its Ramadhan.

C*CKSUCKER!! (its from a video, dont worry i dont use that word in real life >.<)
i cant go.
yep, even if i'm not fasting (cuz i cant) i'm still not allowed to go the tiesto concert tonight.
btw, i'm not calling anyone a word that means a person a who sucks the male sex organ. lol.
i'm being really lame today.
and am only writing this blog because i'm trying to keep awake in class.
at least its last block. yeyy. -_-
i'm so tired that i cant even be bothered to write proper grammer.
okay, i'm out.