Oct 21, 2009

Ahahaha *crack*

College Humor never fails to crack my jaw from laughing. Check this out:

Oh! And here's New Moon's TV Spot. Gotta love it! :D



Okay, now I REALLY hate dentists.
Just now, I was carefully brushing my teeth when I realized that I could open my mouth slightly wider than yesterday. This enabled me to see the strings/thread used to stitch up my gums. So I decided to check them out and pulled my cheeks out a bit. I was able to see the thread/string/whatever you call them, but then I noticed a piece of string next to my teeth. Hmmm, I wondered, Maybe the string got cut off or something. Since I didn't need pieces of string hanging around inside my mouth, I tried to pull it out. But it wouldn't budge. That's when I realized that those evil dentists (its plural because there were at least 4 that were there to pull my teeth out) had threaded the string/thread INTO MY GUM/CHEEK.
No wonder my cheeks are so swollen.
What's worse is that immediately after that, I realized that my left cheek is puffier than my right.
Just great. Now, not only do I look like a squirrel with nuts in my mouth, but I look like a squirrel who got punched on one side of the face with nuts in my mouth.