Jun 15, 2010

Day 1 on Chatroulette

Today, I was on Chatroulette for a total of perhaps 5 hours.
And OMG. There is just wayyyy too many dicks and boobies (belonging to women AND men) that I did NOT want to see. For those people, I just told them they had small penises and that I have seen better tits, respectively. HAHA. Twas fun. For the most part, it wasn't all that great on Chatroulette because its difficult to find someone who actually wants to talk normally and not ask me to 'Show my boobies'. Then FINALLY, in the last 1 and a half hours of being on CR, I bumped into these three gentlemen:

I told them to pose so I can take a snapshot, but the guy on the right with the flaming red hair kind of failed to fit into the screen.

And here's the last snapshot:

It was pretty awesome. :D
Can't wait for Day 2 of Chatroulette!


The Chatroulette Quest

This summer, I have decided to see how long it will take me to meet these people on Chatroulette:

because I have no life. Haha.

Anyway, since I have never been on Chatroulette, I will expect it to contain very naked and very ugly and/or very hairy people, most of whom are men. But because I really want to meet the awesome people of Chatroulette, I will have to endure the horror that is those people, haha.

Wish me luck!