Jun 18, 2010

Day 3 on Chatroulette

The 'Magician'

Now, this guy was pretty interesting. He did some 'magic tricks' (probably) using the Mirror effect on Photobooth, haha. For example, made his hands appear from the middle and he also made his whole body disappear at one point. Quite entertaining, hehe.

The Jackass

I call this guy the Jackass not only because he is wearing a donkey mask, but also because he NEXTED me just because I couldn't hear what he was talking about! HE nexted ME! ME! Pshh. What a jackass.

The people who annoy me

For some reason, there were more of these people last night than the past two days I've been on Chatroulette. They just annoy me because
1) The guy with his webcam facing the wall and his shoulder simply bores me and
2) People wearing bathrobes should just put on some clothes. What're they expecting others to say anyway?? 'Oh, hey, you're wearing a bathrobe. I wonder what's underneath it.' RIGHT. Oh, and this bathrobe guy claims to be 28 years old. 28?!?! YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE FREAKING 40 OR SOMETHING. Gadd. So before I nexted him, I said: