Oct 18, 2009


Haluu! I just got back from a concert by an Italian orchestra who came all the way from Italy to perform for the Czech Prime Minister and all the Ambassadors in Czech Republic. My sisters and I got to go as well but we sat separately from our parents. Ironically, we got the better seats! Hahaha. But seriously though, we sat in one of the boxes in the balcony, only FOUR boxes away from the Czech Prime Minister and his wife! Not only that, but the performance was AMAZING. And I am not being sarcastic like I usually am. I've only been to maybe 3 or 4 classical concerts and it has been a really long time since I last went to one. Actually, that's not true. I'm lieing, haha. I just remembered that I went to a concert several months ago! >.<

Anyway, they played 10 pieces altogether and then played 2 short ones as an encore before getting a standing ovation beginning from the Prime Minister himself! THAT's how awesome they were :)

My favorite pieces were from Vivaldi because he's awesomeee. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that the lead violinist was playing Vivaldi's ACTUAL VIOLIN. Can you believe that?! I think it's like one of the few remaining in this world. The one from the concert was taken out of the museum just for tonight! I know some people might not appreciate this and think, "Uhh, so what? Its just a piece of wood with strings on it." Well, its not JUST a piece of wood, its VIVALDI's piece of wood! It makes me feel special, so SHATTAP!


I have a video/vlog from the before the concert that I'll try to edit and post up as soon as possible.

Well, that's pretty much it. I'll try to blog as much as possible during the break because you probably won't hear from me much after that (IB of course -_-).

Tataaa :D