Oct 19, 2009


people, let me just tell you this:
keep your teeth straight from childhood.
or else, you'll need braces.
that means, getting your molars/wisdom teeth removed.
which SUCKS.
believe me.
i can barely open my mouth.
i have to eat only "soft" food.
i have to swallow blood every minute.
i look like a squirrel with nuts in my mouth.

thank goodness for pain killers, though.

this cheered me up at least:


I have to get FOUR teeth pulled out this afternoon.
That means I'm going to be knocked out for three hours while 3 grown men wrench out my teeth.
This means I can't eat until then.
Or else, baaaad things will happen...

a.k.a: I will through up.


I hate dentists.


Awesomeness all the way!


Today, I just feel like putting up really, well, awesome stuff that keep me entertained and sane because, as you know, I have had sooo much work in the past couple of weeks and my pile of things-to-do is still building up. Just so you know, the things I'm going to post up right now are mostly related to the Twilight Saga (yeah, I know, total FAIL right? Hahaha.), but I'm also posting them up here because they are just plain cool and I thought that I should share it with people :)


To start off, this one is a fan made video of the movie New Moon (coming out in November, yeyyy! :D) and the song, which I absolutely loveee, is called "All the World" by Fauxliage. Credits for the video go to tiffanyd666 (you should head over to her youtube page and check out more of her vids PLUS awesome fanmade vids for New Moon!).

Oh! And also check out the vids in her favorites because they're all pretty good too, such as this one by Vera241241 and the soundtrack is called "Breathe Me" by Sia (in case you want to download it):

Here's a music video by the band Axiz for the Twilight: New Moon! They're pretty good, I think :)

Here is Antonio Vivaldi and one of his violins (maybe the one I saw last night!) :O

This dude is in my awesome list for the week because he has composed many many pieces which I love listening to. Yes, I listen to classical music. They're really relaxing and, if you listen to them enough, inspiring. Try and have a listen to one of his pieces :)

The next one is a comic that seems to always make my day no matter what mood I'm in. I haven't been able to read all their comics lately, since I have mountain of things on my To-do list, but since break started, I can finally read them and laugh to myself in front of the computer screen. Here's one of their brilliant comics:

(click it to enlarge because it doesn't fit here. Trust me, its worth it, huhu.)
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Hehehehe. I'll never get bored of them. Moving on...

This breed of cat called the Egyptian Mau. Apparently, its the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cats. Unlike other cats, if an Egyptian Mau cat is shaved, you will see spots on their skin. So not only do their spots appear on their fur, their skin is naturally spotted as well. That's why they're cool :D

I, actually, did not randomly decide to talk about this type of cats. My mama and I were at the clinic the other day, as I had to get a blood test and examination (which I'll explain in the next blog), on the bulletin board, there was a piece of paper about a breeding station for Egyptian Mau cats. Since there were little pieces of paper with the contact information on them, I'm guessing - and hoping - that they are giving away or selling these cats. So I am going to email them and ask them about these cats because I really want one! Plus, I think that my cat Lucky is quite lonely now that her adopted sister passed away last year and this year her adopted brother went missing earlier this year :(.

Well, that's pretty much what I wanted to highlight about this week. Oh! And one last thing, its October break! Although its only a week long, I'm glad I'll be able to catch up on sleep :D