Aug 18, 2009

Sisterly Love.

Okay, this is the first time I ever made a vlog (video blog, just in case you sad people don't know. Hehe, just kidding lah, I love you guys!) so I apologize for the bad intro and quality of the vid as I only had iMovie '08 to edit (and you know it sucks!). I'm trying to get iLife '09 so hopefully the more updated version of iMovie is better =).

Oh, and please excuse me yelling at Hana (the youngest sis). I was not in a very good mood that time. PLUS, I was planning on making a video with my other sis, Sorfina, for Hana's birthday the next day but because of the argument, it really did not put me in a mood in making something for her. But, of course, I made one anyway since I'm such a nice sister and all. Not really.

Aaaanyway, hope you guys enjoy this little sister argument that I have with my sister every once in a while (actually, its more like DAILY). Don't worry, though, because - as most sisterly arguments end - we made up the next day. Well, I pretended not to be annoyed by her and made the video for her because it was her birthday (18th Aug.). I might upload the video Sorfina and I made later. It's reaaaallyy stupid and embarrassing, though, so I'm still unsure =P.
Happy birthday Hana! :) I hope this entertains you! :D

Oh! Don't forget to leave a comment or any thoughts and questions that are floating around in your little brains orait? Comments turn me on. ;)