Jan 28, 2010

Indie is for me.

I was told by some friends about this website that promotes Indie music. They were encouraging me and constantly reminding me to get on this website because there is really good music on it. Being a procrastinator, I kept postponing it and have only recently been on that website.

BIG mistake.



The website is called The Sixty One - click to check it out! - and any Indie artist can register to promote their music. The listeners can also register and become a member so they can help these artists promote their music. It's pretty awesome and I should have gone on this site earlier!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Just wanted to let you guys know about this website because if YOU are an Indie artist or if you have a band and want to promote it, then I recommend this website :)

OH! The Sixty One does not only promote Indie music, but also other kinds of music too. So, if you're a DJ and you have your own music, or if you have a rock band or anything, go to the Sixty One and register and promote! I think its a great idea for bands/artists in Malaysia because I know we have some really good talent there, its just we're not very exposed :( So go and register! The link is on the side bar or you can click the link I have here in this blog post.

Have fun :D