Feb 14, 2010

My REAL fantasy...

...is Robert Pattinson as a Na'vi.

And I tried fulfilling that fantasy with Photoshop. But I'm afraid that my skills are still not advanced enough to make him look good.

Here is the result from 7 hours of Photoshop:

I completed this like on Tuesday or Wednesday when I was supposed to be doing my mountain of work.

Ah, procrastination...

Then on Friday, I started my OWN avatar. It took me around 5 hours in total; I did not sit 5 hours straight though.

Here's what I got:

And here is the original (thank you, Bob, for taking this picture of me in raw format, hehe - it makes it much easier to edit that way):

It looks different from the original picture, right?

Well, it was really difficult for me not to change so much. But, I kept making mistakes so that lead me into using the smudge tool. Alot.

Plus, they probably look like paintings now instead of the real thing but I did that on purpose to hide my countless errors during the process of making them. Hehe.

Anyway, at least I tried! :P

I hope you were entertained by my failure.